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Your Wedding: Leave Plenty of Time for Deliveries

Like many brides and grooms today, you are probably ordering some of your wedding accouterments online. While this is an easy way to make sure that you get things in bulk, remember to give yourself plenty of time for delivery, particularly from small businesses on Etsy, or companies in foreign countries.

If you can, call the company directly. Don’t depend on what their site says. It may say an item is in stock, but you want to make sure that the quantity is there, that they aren’t close to selling out, and if it’s a dyed item, such as bridesmaid’s shoes, that the dye lot is the same. This can make a big difference.

Speak with a supervisor whenever possible. Ask if you will receive timely notifications on the progress of your purchase, either by phone or by email, and that you be notified if anything goes amiss, or if they have any questions about substitutions.

Make sure that they give you a tracking number so that you can check the progress of your package all the way from the shipper to your door.

Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time between ordering and your wedding. Better that you receive it weeks in advance than be frantically waiting at the door on the day of.

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