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Why You Should Consider Having a Small Wedding

Just like human beings, weddings come in all shapes and sizes. While some people prefer having big weddings, others dream about a small and intimate affair. However, there are plenty of people who aren’t sure what kind of wedding they want and are debating how many wedding guests to invite.

Though there’s absolutely no wrong answer, let me advocate for the small wedding. From saving thousands of dollars to being able to connect with every single one of your guests, here’s why you should consider having a small wedding:

It’s Usually Cheaper

The bigger the wedding venue, the more expensive it usually is. Not to mention, caterers can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per person (or sometimes even more), depending on the kind of food you want to have at your wedding.

Let’s say you’re planning to invite 200 guests to your wedding and catering is going to cost $50 per person — you’ll end up spending $10,000 just on catering. But, if you were to invite 30 people, it’d only cost you $1,500. That’s $8,500 that could be used on something else in your life. 

But You Can Splurge on Other Things

Because it’s fairly easy to save on the cost of catering or venue space if you have a small wedding, it does afford you the opportunity to spend your money elsewhere. Maybe you’ve always dreamed about having a very specific dress or want to get married overseas! Many people also have small weddings so they can go on a nicer honeymoon or put a down payment on a house. 

It’s More Personal 

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting every single friend and family member you’ve ever had at your wedding, there is something incredibly personal and intimate about having a small group.

Though big weddings can feel like a giant party, it’s very rare for the couple to talk with every guest. In fact, most couples who have big weddings hold a reception line just to ensure they can at least thank every one of their guests. But, with small weddings, the couple can spend quality time with each guest.

You Can Really Get Married Anywhere

Wedding venues get booked months, sometimes years in advance, so it can be challenging to find the right space for a big wedding. But, if you’re having a small wedding, the options are truly endless. You can get married in a park, in a backyard, in a hotel room, on a boat, or in a tiny chapel.

You also can have your wedding reception in a restaurant or in your parent’s backyard without worrying about space. 

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