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Why You Should Avoid Crash Diets Leading Up To Your Wedding

It only makes sense you want to look great on your wedding day. For many of us, that means shedding a few extra pounds. And that’s fine! There’s no reason that you should shy away from weight loss. But beware of crash diets, because they could seriously backfire.

Sure, you might lose weight by doing a crash diet, like a “detox”, a “cleanse”, or just heavily restricting. But when you break – and you will, we all do! – you could end up rebounding and gaining even more weight back, putting you that much farther away from your goals.

In addition, it’s important that you stay roughly the same size you are at your last fitting. If you lose weight or gain weight in the few days leading up to your wedding, your outfit simply won’t fit right. It’s not the fault of the dress, or the seamstress – it’s just your changing body.

Set attainable, managable goals for your wedding size. At the end of the day, you should be happy and healthy. Hitting that ‘size goal’? A bonus, but not needed for a beautiful wedding.

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