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What Sort of Vendors Should You Be Thinking About For Your Wedding?

Congrats on the engagement! That ring is a big deal, and planning your wedding is going to be one of the most exciting, and stressful, parts of your life! Have you thought about the business services you’re going to need to get you down the aisle? Chances are, there are a lot more parts to a wedding than you might have expected.

If you’re planning on hiring a wedding planning, this is a one-stop-shop. A wedding planner can sit down with you and help you work out details, figure out what vendors you need, and even suggest quality companies and businesses they’ve worked with in the past.

If you’re going it yourself, you’re going to need a little more research.

A photographer is important, but do you want a videographer as well? Will you ever watch your wedding, really? A bakery for cakes is important… but are you having other deserts as well? A venue is a must, as well as a florist, a DJ or band, and a catering service for your guests. If you’re already overwhelmed, tackle what service is most important to you first. Is it the venue? Nail it down, and work around their list. Is it the photographs? Start looking at portfolios now.

Planning your wedding is scary, but it should also be fun. This is your big day – enjoy it!

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