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Venues in Old Places Have Bugs, Deal With It

If you’re a bride (or groom!) who hates bugs, mice, or other pests, you need to seriously take this into consideration when you’re picking a venue. It’s great that you want a rustic farmhouse wedding in a barn, or get your picture taken on the hale bales in the middle of a field… but let’s be honest here, if you scream at the sight of a few ants, this isn’t going to work well.

You’re going to tarnish your memories of the moments, for one, but you’re also going to be tense during this time. This tension and anxiety will transfer straight onto film, which is something you don’t want.

That 200-year-old barn? It’s not like they can call a pest control expert to come in and seal it up. It’s old, it’s creaky – that’s what makes it beautiful, but also difficult. Be realistic with your expectations, and if you have a big phobia, stick to a more traditional venue.

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