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Thinking About Starting a Wedding Business Service? Let’s Chat

So you’ve planned your own wedding. Maybe you’ve helped plan a friend or family member’s wedding, too. And you think you can do this full time, for real – so you’re ready to get into the wedding game. There are a ton of wedding business services that you can get into if you want to make someone’s special day even better.

First of all, figure out what you want to do. Is it pastries? Decorations? Planning? Nail down your job, figure out your niche – farmhouse chic? Classy and sophisticated? – and start researching. Any certifications that you can get, you should, especially as you start out.

Find a wedding planner, catering service, or venue, and see what it takes to get on their suggested vendor’s list. This is going to be a huge boost to your business!

Finally, don’t neglect your online presence. A business Facebook page is great, but you should have a real website, too. List your hours, give examples of your work, and your price ranges. Scope out your competitors for the best end result.

Happy weddings!

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