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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Wedding

We’ve talked about it before here, but the sad truth is, the longer the coronavirus pandemic goes on, the more likely it is that brides everywhere have to cancel their wedding plans. Already pushed-back dates are being questioned, and vendors are scrambling for options to keep their small businesses afloat.

One option many engaged couples are exploring right now are virtual weddings, an interesting new topic that is getting a lot of media attention. Couples are using Zoom or FaceTime to let their loved ones virtually attend their weddings, and having only a small in-person gathering with those they are isolating with.

While not the dream wedding many have planned, this shift back to a small and intimate ceremony is just what some couples need to cement their love and commitment during these tough times.

No matter when your date is, or what you choose, there is no question at least some of your plans are now in limbo due to the coronavirus. We here hope everyone makes the right decision for their themselves, and their loved ones. Please, stay safe.

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