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Supporting Small Businesses As You Plan Your Wedding

Weddings are happy times, no matter what is going on in the outside world, but right now it can seem a bit disheartening. So many people are struggling. It can seem difficult to reconcile your happiness with others’ misfortunes, but remember, you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

Buy local! Your wedding is probably pretty small because of the coronavirus. If you do have a few friends over, use local restaurants to cater. Most small restaurants are still doing delivery or pick up services. They will be able to handle a small meal for your closest friends and family.

Another way to help is to make donations in your guests’ names with charities working to help with COVID-19, or supporting the protestors. You can also have guests give to charities instead of giving gifts.

Some small businesses exist only online, and they are suffering too. Take a look at Etsy for handmade bridesmaid and groomsman gifts, or even your wedding attire. Consider buying from minority-owned businesses. You can find many lists for your area online.

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