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Summer Wedding Touches That Make It Perfect

Summer is coming, and that means we’re officially in wedding season! A summer wedding can be absolutely perfect: blue skies, long nights for dancing… and heat. And bugs. And sunburn. Okay, so summer weddings do have some downsides. Let’s talk about the things you need for your summer wedding.

Sunscreen is a must – this is simply non-negotiable if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Offering guests small, individual-sized sunscreen containers is a cute touch to keep them safe.

Be sure to provide plenty of refreshments if your big day is going to be hot, and I’m not talking about fun drinks. Cold water should be easily accessed to keep guests from dehydrating too quickly.

Finally, shaded areas are key! Make sure that your guests aren’t stuck in the hot sun for too long, and always have a shaded place to sit and cool down. It might ruin a bit of your ‘perfect outdoor landscape’, but honestly? Avoiding heatstroke should be more important!

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