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States Are Reopening: Here’s What You Should Take Into Consideration When It Comes to Wedding Planning

Great news for many couples planning a wedding in 2020: states are slowly but surely starting to reopen and loosen restrictions. This means that in many places, you can now go into a retail store to try on your wedding dress, your florist is probably open again, and soon, you’ll even be able to sit down and eat in a restaurant.

If you haven’t rescheduled your wedding, however, there are some things you should keep in mind. Many people are still not comfortable traveling long distances, especially out-of-town family members that have to fly. Asking them to risk their health to see you on your big day is big request.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while states are reopening, the threat is not over. Proper social distancing should still be observed. If your wedding is in early June and you’re not planning on pushing it back, encourage guests to wear gloves, masks, and make seating so that no one has to sit shoulder-to-shoulder.

Zoom weddings are still very much an option for the concerned brides. Small, intimate weddings are also having their moment in a big way. We’re not saying you can’t get married – but please, be safe about it!

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