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Should You Include Your Pet On Your Big Day?

A big question many brides and grooms ask themselves when they start to plan is, should I include my pet on my wedding day? And that question makes sense! Our pets are like family, and don’t you want your family at your wedding?

There are a few big things to keep in mind, however. If your pet has a bad temperament around strangers, or spooks easily, perhaps a wedding setting is not for them.

Also, think about who is going to be responsible for your pet after the ceremony and pictures. Will your family bring your pet back home, potentially missing part of the reception? Will your pet sit and be bored at the reception? Who will watch them?

If you’re set on including your pet on your special day, a set of first-look pictures and family photos before the ceremony and reception might be perfect. This will give you plenty of time to get your pet back home before you say I do, but they will still be able to be there to celebrate with you.

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