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Protecting Your Assets Can Prevent a Divorce

No one wants to talk about divorce when they talk about weddings, but the truth is, researchers have discovered that over 41% of first marriages end in separation and divorce. You need to be aware of your rights if you do get divorced, and unfortunately, protecting yourself needs to start before you get married.

We all hear about the celebrities signing prenuptial agreements where the richer of the two makes sure that they aren’t going to lose everything in a divorce. They protect their assets, and so should you.

The average age of newlyweds in first-time marriages in the US is nearly 30. By that age, you are both probably established in your careers, with your own property such as houses, condos, and cars. A pre-nuptial agreement, or marital agreement establishes what property rights will be held by each party as well as liability for debts.

Having a clear-cut plan before you marry can save you a lot of headaches down the road, and may even prevent a divorce. Remember, it’s better to have a prenuptial agreement and not need it, than to need it and not have one.

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