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Pros and Cons of Having a DJ at Your Wedding

Planning the music for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make for your big day. Yes, the wedding dress, venue, and food are all extremely important, but nothing truly makes or breaks a wedding quite like the music. 

The right music not only sets the right tone for your wedding, but it’s also how the party gets started. This of course leads us to one of the biggest wedding debates of all time — band or DJ?

While some couples still love the traditional aspect of having a live band, more and more are turning towards a wedding DJ instead. But should you? If you’re trying to decide, here are the pros and cons of choosing a DJ.

Pro: You Can Enjoy the “Real” Versions of Your Favorite Songs

There are plenty of live bands that can do great covers of music, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the actual version of the song. Not to mention, live bands also have the potential to ruin your favorite songs or put their own spin on them, which may or may not bother you. If you’re someone who would rather hear the Taylor Swift version of “Shake It Off” rather than a cover version, a DJ may be the way to go.

Con: Guests Who Don’t Dance Probably Won’t Enjoy the Music

A DJ is great for guests who love to hit the dance floor, but it’s not the best option for guests who don’t dance. A band not only provides music for people to dance to, but they’re also putting on a performance for people who may want to sit back and relax.

Pro: It’s Usually Cheaper

If money is a concern, a DJ tends to be cheaper than a live band. And, with today’s technology and the ability to make playlists on our phones, you could easily hire a family friend to monitor a playlist throughout the night instead if the budget is too tight for a pro. However, great professional DJs are skilled at monitoring the energy of a crowd and can suit the music to the mood.

Con: A DJ’s Not as Personal

While a DJ can play all the songs you want them to play, it’s not quite as personal of an experience as a live band. A live band has the potential to bring energy to a wedding that a DJ just can’t bring. Plus, if it’s a great live band, it’ll be a wedding your guests will always remember. 

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