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Paris Hilton Is Planning a Huge Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing for the famous hotel heiress, who has had her share of both good and bad publicity over the years. On her 40th birthday trip, Paris Hilton’s then-boyfriend, now-fiancé Carter Reum proposed to her on the beach and she accepted.

Hilton’s new reality TV show, “Paris in Love” on Peacock will follow the celeb as she navigates wedding planning. Paris’ big day will be televised, too. The show will feature dress fittings, Paris’ bachelorette party, and more of the planning process.

A Three-Day Affair

Paris Hilton white dress

Hilton admits that wedding planning is very stressful. On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Hilton explained that the wedding will take place over three days – that could be adding to her stress!

Over the three days, she’s planning on changing outfits about 10 times. Luckily, Hilton knows what she likes, and she’s already chosen one wedding dress. Her fiancé won’t be following her lead, though – he’ll be sticking to just a couple of outfits. Hilton joked with Fallon that she’s more high maintenance than Reum.

Not A Traditional Bride

Paris Hilton DJ

In Hilton’s words, the wedding will be “something magical and fun” – but it won’t be traditional. Although in some cultures a three-day wedding is normal, that’s certainly not the case in the U.S.! Hilton will also be including her chihuahua, Diamond Baby, in her nuptials. However, there will still be plenty of traditional elements, such as a DJ and a band.

A Difficult Past

YouTube Originals produced a documentary, “This is Paris,” that traced the star’s life path. It revealed that she attended a boarding school that was meant to correct her behavior, but instead left her with psychological damage.

The documentary also included a serious argument Hilton had with her then-boyfriend, Alex Novakovic. The argument was so explosive that Hilton almost had it cut, but she decided to keep it in to show how much she has grown in setting boundaries.

A Happy Beginning

Paris Hilton with Carter Reum

Hilton’s relationship with Reum brings her so much happiness and joy, which is why she wants to celebrate the union in such a fantastic, over-the-top way. She wrote on Instagram, “I said yes, with all the joy and confidence and comfort that comes with knowing he’s more than my love. He’s my twin flame, my other half, my best friend and my soulmate.”

Pairs has found a supportive partner in Reum, and she wants to celebrate their relationship in style. Who can blame her?

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