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Guns at a Wedding? It’s Not as Uncommon as You May Think

If you come from a family that hunts regularly, or trains as marksmen (and ladies), you may want to celebrate that on your big day, particularly if it’s something that you and your partner enjoy together.

If you Google brides with guns, or search Pinterest, you will find pictures of bridesmaids and brides choosing to carry their guns instead of bouquets!

Military couples are also enjoying carrying their guns proudly in their wedding photos. There is even a gun store in Las Vegas that offers a wedding package. Brides can shoot at the range and have photos taken while still in their wedding gowns.

If you are proud of your shooting skills, and guns are a part of your family’s culture, then adding guns to the wedding can be a fun way to personalize your big day and share something you love. Just let guests know in advance so that they can choose to participate or not depending on how comfortable they feel. And be sure you check with your venue – even a rustic farm wedding can be hesitant to allow guns when it comes to weddings and alcohol!

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