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Genius Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Every couple’s dream wedding is different, but they all have one problem in common: weddings can be expensive!

If you’re working with a budget, it can be hard to imagine how to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. But there are a few ways to save some serious cash that you might not have thought of yet. And no, I’m not talking about sacrificing that designer wedding gown you’ve been drooling over.

Take Your Time

The shorter your engagement, the more money you’re likely to spend. I found this out the hard way when we planned a six-month engagement, and I quickly discovered that bridesmaid dress prices grow exponentially depending on turn-around time.

Besides, giving yourself a longer engagement means that you’ll have extra time to do tons of research on locations and vendors. It’ll be much less stressful to find the least expensive options without sacrificing quality. You’ll also be able to wait for extra deals and sales.

Consider Other Days of the Week

Saturdays are usually everyone’s first pick for a wedding. However, if you consider other days of the week, you could wind up saving as much as a few thousand dollars.

You don’t have to get married on a Wednesday if you don’t want to. Even choosing a Sunday can save you some cash. If you’re worried about your wedding guests being able to show up because of work or other obligations, think about choosing a holiday weekend when most people will have the following Monday off of work.

Pick a Date During the “Off- Season”

It can vary a little by location, but the wedding off-season typically spans from December to March. During this time, you might find that some venues offer off-season rates that can save you extra money if you don’t mind embracing the colder weather.

Plus, you’ll have less competition over your favorite photographers, vendors and locations, making it easier to create your perfect dream wedding.

Choose Your Venue Wisely

Some venues, while gorgeous, are just insanely expensive. You don’t have to choose the most expensive option to get a fabulous photo-worthy location for your wedding. Many national, state or city parks serve as scenic venues. Check with Parks and Recreation to see what kind of reservable facilities they offer. Some even include things like tables and chairs, which can save you from having to rent these items.

Museums, aquariums, zoos and even university campuses can offer amazing (and sometimes off-beat) locations at a fraction of the cost that other venues might charge. Besides, they will certainly set the scene for a charming wedding and could even save you more money by not needing tons of decorating.

Pick One Venue That Doubles for Ceremony and Reception

Having your ceremony and reception in the same place will save you a ton of money since you won’t be booking two separate locations. You won’t have to pay for the set-up and clean-up at two different venues or two sets of staff. But on top of that, you won’t be shelling out cash for transporting the bridal party or extra decorations for two different venues. See, I told you–genius!

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