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Do You LOVE Weddings?

Did you have so many ideas for your wedding that one day couldn’t contain them all? Can you think of a theme for a wedding that is unique and one of a kind? Do you want to help people plan their perfect wedding? If you answered, “Yes, Yes, YES!” then you could be a wedding planner.

First, really assess your skills. You know you’re creative and that you want to help people. Are you organized? Can you juggle multiple weddings without having the wine for the Smith wedding end up at the Jones wedding? Are you a good communicator? Can you speak to vendors and jittery (and demanding) couples with equal ease? Do you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm? Remember, on the day of the wedding, you are the stage manager in charge of it all.

If you have some of those skills, but not all, you might consider partnering with someone whose strengths match your weaknesses. You could also offer to apprentice with a successful wedding planner as an assistant and trainee.

You don’t need a college degree, and although there are certification programs, you can launch your own business without one. Offer to plan a few weddings for free and make sure you have business cards to distribute at the reception. Take plenty of photos to create an online portfolio, and start advertising!

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