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Destination Weddings: The Right Choice, or Too Much?

Destination weddings have always been popular. From traveling a few states over to go to the beach, to flying around the globe to get married at a resort or an ancient castle. Brides everywhere love the idea of taking their wedding to the next level.

Determining if a destination wedding is right for you and your soon-to-be, however, is entirely personal. If you’re looking for a small, intimate wedding, but don’t know how to not invite your entire extended family, a destination wedding is a great solution.

Destination weddings can get expensive, and not just with travel costs. It’s also very difficult to plan a wedding somewhere you’re not. Oftentimes you have to hire a coordinator and planner, especially if you’re trying to plan in a country whose language you don’t speak.

Ultimately, the choice to travel for a destination wedding is up to you. It can be incredibly rewarding, and photos will last a lifetime – but know that planning really can be a headache!

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