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Could Murder Hornets Ruin Your Outdoor Wedding?

If you haven’t heard, the bugs dubbed Murder Hornets have made their way to the US for the first time ever. If you think people are overstating how seriously terrifying they are, don’t – these two inch long bugs can legitimately do some serious damage. As if 2020 wasn’t terrifying enough, are these bugs enough to put your upcoming outdoor ceremony at risk?

The short answer is maybe – especially if you’re having your wedding on the west coast. The first spotting of the Murder Hornets (which are actually called Asian giant hornets) in the US happened in Washington, though they have also been spotted in British Columbia in the fall.

Their most dangerous time is going to be in late summer and early fall. The good news is that it’s fairly rare for these giant bugs to go after humans. The bad news? If one does go after you, not even a bee suit is enough to protect you.

Avoid venues with bee hives on site, because that is the goal of Murder Hornets – to destroy hee hives. Ask your venue now if they have lots of bees, and if they have a plan to keep guests safe.

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