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Backyard Wedding Landscaping 101

Countless couples in the last few months have decided that their big, expensive, guest-filled wedding isn’t realistic. In the time of COVID-19, large gatherings are more than just discouraged, after all. Smaller backyard weddings are now king, with Zoom attendees signing in for the big day and watching from the comfort of their home.

If you’re having a backyard party, too, you probably want your backyard to look its best. You deserve that much on your wedding day! Lawn care doesn’t have to be hard. First, clear out all the weeds, dead grass, and fallen tree limbs.

Head to your garden store, and talk to an associate, if you’re lost on what to plant. If you’re on a budget, get fancy pots and planters from somewhere like Aldi or Ollies. Avoid big box places for your flowers – your local store will be more knowledgeable, and have better prices, too.

Setting up a flower wall for pictures isn’t hard, or getting that perfectly manicured corner for the ceremony. Use your imagination, consult Pinterest, and be realistic.

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