Gowns and Guests

A Dining Experience as Unique as You Are

With all of the food offerings available today, there is no reason not to have more than the boring chicken or fish option at your wedding.

There are catering companies for every type of wedding. If you have a favorite restaurant ask if they can cater, or if they know a company that they trust. You can have tasting stations if you want, or a bar-b-cue. Be creative!

Have your favorite grandmother’s cookie recipe? Find a baker who will make it in bulk for everyone to try. Try a cake with different flavors on each tier. Go the cupcake way. It’s up to you. Good food is the great ice breaker.

Just remember to have vegetarian, gluten free, and other restricted diet options available for your guests. It shouldn’t be a problem for a good caterer to work into the menu.

And don’t forget to eat yourself. That’s what it’s there for!

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